Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way / by natalja sundseth

The amount of time spent preparing for your trip can help make or break the vacation. I do my best to be thoroughly ready before departure, but I'm still constantly learning from my own little mistakes. There was the time i misunderstood the meaning of "summer" in New Zealand and packed bikinis, the time in Sri Lanka when we learned that alcohol is not served anywhere on the day of the full moon festival, the time I brought the wrong kind of power adapter to Japan, and so on. In addition to doing your research beforehand, the way you pack your suitcase is very important. Keeping things organized is a must for things to run as smoothly as possible from the moment you leave the house. Even the most seasoned traveler can let something slip their mind, so RebatesZone teamed up with me to collect some tips to ensure that you never leave town without everything you need. You can thank us later!

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way Co-produced by :Rebateszone & Natalja Sundseth